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Achievement Guide

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Complete all Scenarios 500 Complete all the Challenges in Global Challenge.

There are 40 challenges to complete this game. 33 to start with before you unlock the final 7. Some of these are easy, and some will make you want to scream. Patience is needed to complete these for certain, but a very rewarding 500 points awaits you!

If you struggle, you can always alter the opponent's team settings before starting the game. Do this at the initial game main menu.

Ones to watch out for

Australia vs. Soloman Islands
Brazil vs. Sweden

Win the World Cup 250 Win the World Cup in 2006 FIFA World Cup™️ Mode.

To do this, all you need to do is start a World Cup and then carry on to win the tournaments. See the forums for tips if you need any, but you shouldn’t have any problems. Pick a decent team to start with- Brazil, Argentina, France or England are the best odds.

Qualify for the World Cup 150 Qualify for the World Cup in 2006 FIFA World Cup™️ Mode.
Instead of going straight for the World Cup, play through the qualifying tournament. The European teams have less matches to play and tend to have easier opponents, so id recommend England or France for this one.

Beat the Host Nation 50 Beat the host nation Germany in a full match.

You need to do this in the world cup final stage - so you may be able to do it when completing the World Cup. If not, once you have won the World Cup, set up a friendly against Germany and make sure that it's set to World Cup Final, and a 90-minute match.

Complete a Scenario 50 Complete any Challenge in Global Challenge Complete any of the 40 Scenarios.

The easiest one in my opinion is the scenario called "Romanian Lottery". This is just a penalty shootout between Romania and Sweden that you simply must win.
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