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Post  iZ Revived iZ on Tue Feb 10, 2009 3:29 pm

Ok, on each game there should be a thread called "Achievement Trading Thread" & another called "Achievement Discussion".

If there isn't either of those threads please could you make them and message me saying you have made it so i can change it into a sticky.

Also if you have a game guide then post that and message me because i will also sticky that, the more you help me the more chance you have of being mod.

Im going to have a list of all the users and when you reach 100 points you become a moderator, you get 1 point per achievement thread you see missing and make for me and you get 5 points for making a video guide. You may think "WHAT! 100 POINTS! but seeing there is about 5,000 games and i have to write every single one of them down then post to threads in each forum resulting with 10,000 threads im sure i'll miss lots accidentally.

So Remember, If You See A Missing Thread, Make It & No Matter What MESSAGE ME! sunny
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